How to flag a 1 dbu point-to-point overlap

Document created by burr_shaw on Sep 4, 2012
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The following rule turns the 1 dbu overlap issue into a singularity.

By doing this EXTERNAL SINGULAR may be used to flag the problem location.

Please note that this does not create an area, but simply flags one end of the overlap region.


less_than_DB_diamond {

     A = P AND D // what can AND find

     P_down = SIZE P by -0.005 // shrink one side by one db to make the overlap a single point.

     S = P_down EXT D <0.001 SINGULAR REGION //

     A_up = A SIZE BY 0.010 // size up the areas that AND can find by 2 dbu so as to not report them here.

     S NOT A_up