Set up Calibre Interactive to read OpenAccess design

Version 1

    The following shows how to set up Calibre Interactive for direct-read of an OpenAccess layout:


    1) Set the following environment variables prior to launching Calibre Interactive:


           CDS_INST_DIR = <path to Cadence installation>

    2)  For Inputs set Library Path to the OpenAccess library (lib.defs/cds.lib) then  press the Library browser button

    3) Select the library, cell and view in the Library Browser menu

    4) Select OK and check to make sure the entries for Library Path, Top Cell and View are correct



    5) From the Setup pulldown select DRC Options or LVS Options
        select the Database>Milkyway/OpenAccess/LEFDEF tab
        and under Categories select Other Options

        select the following options for setting the OpenAccess environment:


                Set OA_HOME when CDS_INST_DIR is set
                Set CALIBRE_READDB_LD_LIBRARY_PATH when CDS_INST_DIR is set
                Set PATH when CDS_INST_DIR is set


    6) Calibre is now set up to read the OpenAccess design for Input.