How do I get the CALIBREVIEW flow working? Are there recommended documents for the flow from Calibre xRC to Cadence Virtuoso into Spectre?

Version 1

    Review and reference the following regarding effective use of the  calibreview flow:     
    [1]  Calibre Interactive User Manual
           Appendix A:  Interfacing With Layout and Schematic Viewers 
                Table A-4. Defining Properties in the Cellmap File 
    [2] Cellmap file:       
           MG66916 How to create a  skeleton Cellmap file that will be used in generating the  CALIBREVIEW.         
    [3] Get  the Calibre form of the device names and pin names:     
           grep -i device lvs.rule > devices     
         This should get you the device names and their pin-names  also as Calibre sees them.     
         From this you can load  the association lists in the Cellmap file with the Calibre form of      
         the device and pin names.     
    [4] In lvs.rule add      
            LVS  COMPARE CASE NAMES     
            LAYOUT CASE YES     
            SOURCE CASE YES     
        This will  help insure that there will be no naming issues due to case mismatching.      
    [5] App Notes    Search for  these on by ID number or by Title:


          MG576295   Quick Jump from Calibre xRC into  Cadence     
          MG575449   Layer Mapping in Mask Layout  Calibre View     
          MG575417   Calibre/Virtuoso  Integration Overview     
          MG576293   Extraction and  Simulation within the Cadence environment     
    [6] Review the following Tech Notes for additional detail for  the Calibre View flow:     


           MG246417   How can a new Calibreview be created in Virtuoso from a PEX netlist  without having to run PEX again?        
          MG246624    What properties can be set or reset through the Calibreview cellmap file in the  Calibreview Flow?      
          MG75477     Need to preload  the CalibreView Setup Panel     
          MG54529     How can  I get device properties into the calibreview?       
          MG66316     What is the format of the CALIBREVIEW  parasitic extraction netlist file?          
           MG79935     Handling multiple fingered devices in the Cadence Integration  Flow
          MG562248   Fingered devices are not getting  proper nf and m factors in the calibreview
          MG543224    Eliminating noxref items from Calibre xRC netlists for backannotation flows
          MG242600   Preserve Device case for Calibre View  Flows