Adjusting Hierarchy separator when using layout names in Calibreview

Document created by abdelrahman_elmously on Sep 11, 2012
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When  using Calibre xRC in integration with Virtuoso, Calibreview is the interface  connecting them together.

It is generally recommended to use schematic names  option in extraction. That is to use the source names in the generated netlist.


However,  if layout names are used, this might cause a problem in describing the overall  hierarchy of the design.

The problem comes from the fact that Calibreview in  general uses "_" instead of "/" to describe hierarchy. So if you have a case  where a schematic instance is named :


Cell0/Cell1/M1  and another one named Cell0/Cell1_M1


Which  are different in hierarchy, and in fact totally different devices. Using the "_"  hierarchy separator will cause both netlist instances to be mapped  to one instance in the final generated mapped view,

which will be  Cell0_Cell1_M1, creating a short circuit in the created view.

To  overcome this problem, you can change the way Calibreview translate hierarchy by  setting the command in the CIW window :


mgc_eview_globals->pathSeparator  = <"/">



Setting  this command will change the hierarchical separator in the generated netlist,  which will make Calibreview use a correct mapping of hierarchy if layout names  are used.

In the above command, the path separator can be changed to fit any  character. In this example, the " / "character was used.