Load Calibre Menu in Virtuoso

Version 1

    Add one of the following lines to the default Cadence startup file (.cdsinit), depending on your installation:


    • Standard installation  (Virtuoso 5.x and earlier)
      load( strcat( getShellEnvVar("CALIBRE_HOME")"/shared/pkgs/icv/tools/queryskl/calibre.skl" ))


    • OpenAccess installation (Virtuoso 6.x and later)
      load( strcat( getShellEnvVar("CALIBRE_HOME")"/shared/pkgs/icv/tools/queryskl/calibre.OA.skl" ))


    For more information see the Calibre Interactive and Calibre RVE User's Manual under
    Interfacing With Layout and Schematic Viewers>Cadence Virtuoso>Creating an Interface to Cadence Virtuoso