Find the included files and commands used in an LVS run

Document created by matthew_killinger on Sep 14, 2012
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Rules files can be complex, with nested levels of included files and extensive IFDEF usage.  It can be difficult to know exactly which SVRF statements were executed.


Is there a way to determine which devices were extracted in the Calibre run?


How about what properties were defined and traced in the LVS run?


How do you find out what SVRF commands were used in the run?



The CALIBRE_ECHO_RULE_FILE environment variable can assist in addressing these questions. Setting this to a non-null value causes the main rule file and the text of all included rule files to be echoed to the transcript. The actual include statements and code that is not executed due to preprocessor directives are commented out in the transcript.


So as an example, setting the environment variable CALIBRE_ECHO_RULE_FILE=1 will echo the executed rules file statements to the run transcript/logfile.


The CALIBRE_ECHO_RULE_FILE is discussed in the SVRF Manual, the Calibre Interactive and Calibre RVE User's Manual, the Calibre Administrator's Guide, and others.