Netlisting different parasitic models on a net-by-net basis in Calibre Interactive

Document created by Joel on Sep 14, 2012
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There are 2 ways to generate a netlist containing different extractions for nets.


  1. Extract all nets to R+C+CC and then use “Select netlist model for  specific nets” to choose which ones to output as RCC and which to output  as CC. 
    1. Details on the Net Model File can be found in the SVRF Manual under PEX NETLIST SELECT FILE.
  2. Run the PDB step multiple times using select net extraction.
    1. First turn on the PEX STEPS –
      1. Run Control – Advanced – “Show PEX steps in task button bar”
    2. Deselect “Create Netlist” in the task button bar.
    3. In Outputs – Nets select “All Nets”
    4. Extraction Type: C+CC
    5. Run PEX
      1. This is the first pass through the PDB and extracts everything at C+CC.
    6. Deselect “Create PHDB” and Select Create Netlist in the task button bar.
    7. Extraction Types: R+C+CC
    8. In Outputs – Nets select “Specified Nets”
    9. Choose Exclude or Include as described in the SVRF manual under PEX EXTRACT EXCLUDE and PEX EXTRACT INCLUDE
    10. Enter the net names in the appropriate entry
    11. Run PEX
      1. This is the second pass and will update the PDB with the R+C+CC for only those nets you listed above.