How to output Density values to a text file in DRC

Version 1

    You can add the RDB keyword in the DENSITY operation to generate RDB databases.


    The SVRF manual states "the RDB [ONLY] option creates an ASCII DRC results database file in addition to the standard DRC Results Database. The RDB database contains a single DRC RuleCheck corresponding to the Density operation."


    Property DV (Density value) is the ratio value of the window and is always attached. 
    Property DG (Density gradient) is the gradient value of the window and is attached if GRADIENT is specified.
    Property DA (Density area) may either be followed by a numeric value, or by a layer name and then a numeric value.


    The following rule check
    Density_blue { Density blue < .240 INSIDE OF LAYER BOUNDARY WINDOW 25 STEP 5 RDB rdb_out}
    will generate a output file named "rdb_out" as following:


    cell 1000
    1 1 1 Aug 30 17:31:41 2005
    Density_blue::<1> = DENSITY blue < 0.24 INSIDE OF LAYER BOUNDARY WINDOW 25 STEP 5
    p 1 4
    DV 0.0627652   <-------- actual density value
    DA 396
    DA blue 24.855
    -9000 -8000
    13000 -8000
    13000 10000
    -9000 10000


    RDB is used in DRC-related applications only. If used in LVS or PEX applications, a warning is issued and the Density operation continues as if RDB were not specified.

    The RDB file can be loaded into RVE and the properties can be viewed.

    You can also use the PRINT <filename> option and it prints the Density window data to a text file.