How to create Calibreview in batch mode

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Calibreview is used for integration between Calibre xRC and third party layout viewers, it acts as an interface between them. In general it takes into a Calibreview netlist extracted by xRC and uses it to generate a library view that can be used into further downstream third party simulation tools.


Typically, Calibreview works through a GUI interface for setting up different switches and inputs controlling the library view generation.


However, it can also be used through batch commands in the third party library manager command window.

To create a Calibreview in batch; the following command is used,




; Where "calibreview_setup" is a setup file created specifically for this. It is has a specific format specifying all different inputs and controls for creating the view.

This command will automatically create a Calibreview in the library manager using all the inputs and controls set in the calibreview_setup file.


Please refer to Calibre interactive user manual, in the "Calibreview setup file format" section for information about how to create this setup file.


Another way to create the setup file is to use the command,




; This will create a file named .calibreview_default_setup_file in the working directory. This file will have the default options for the "calibreview_setup" file format,
It can then be edited/customized for different inputs, controlls and used for other Calibreview batch runs.