Create comma separated file of property values

Version 1

    Convert the values on a layer in a dfmdb to a CSV formatted file.


    Use calibre -dfm to create a dfmdb with the layers of interest then use the YieldServer ( calibre -ys < rules.ys ) to read the layer properties from the dfmdb and create the new file.

    Example rules.ys for layer gate_quant with properties X and Y:

    dfm::open_db dfmdb
    set fh [open out.csv w]

    set geo_iter [dfm::get_geometries gate_quant]
    while {$geo_iter != ""} {
    set x_row [dfm::get_data $geo_iter -geometry_property "X"]
    set y_row [dfm::get_data $geo_iter -geometry_property "Y"]
    puts $fh $x_row,$y_row

    dfm::inc geo_iter

    close $fh
    puts "done"