How to filter polygons that has special text layer attached to it?

Version 1

    The example below filters out any M1 polygons that interact with text object on layer #8888.



    LAYER txt  8888  

    txt_prop = DFM TEXT txt PROPERTY STRING s    //convert text objects to DFM property


    //Retrieve s property from txt_prop, and convert txt_prop to geometries
    txt_polygons = DFM PROPERTY MERGE txt_prop [ s = SPROPERTY(txt_prop,s,1) ]


    filter { M1 INTERACT txt_polygons}   //M1 polygons interact with txt_polygons


    keep { M1 NOT INTERACT txt_polygons}   //keep the rest of M1


    Note: if you want to add text objects during Calibre read in, you can use "LAYOUT TEXT" to create text objects on the fly.