Turning off the schematic viewer in new RVE

Version 1

    The new RVE automatically pops up schematic viewers for layout and schematic when a net or instance is clicked to be highlighted. 
    You can however control whether the layout and schematic viewers are opened when highlighting.


    In the RVE dialog

    1. Select the menu Setup > Options

    2. In the Categories list select Schematic Viewer

    3. Unselect the Show netlist schematics on highlighting check box

    4. Click Apply then Close




    Note: These changes will apply to the next RVE session so select the RVE menu File > Exit.

    View the updated file ~/.rvedb and see that a new line has been added based on the above change:


       *lvsShowSchematicOnHighlight: 0


    You can the same change without using the RVE dialog by doing the following:

    Manually add the above line to your ~/.rvedb file which was written by RVE.


    As an example:    


    echo "*lvsShowSchematicOnHighlight: 0" | cat >> ~/.rvedb