How to control pin order in the extracted Netlist

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Pin ordering is the ordering of the pins in the extracted netlist in subckts in the design,

typically (Default) Calibre uses the pin order in the layout, as it is being processed.


However, this behavior can be controlled by using the pex command,




If Source keyword is used, it must be a case where the source and the layout pin numbers match exactly, or Calibre will issue a warning for the unmatched subckts.


The following conditions generate warnings:


  • The number of source pins does not match the  number of layout pins. If there are more layout pins than source pins,  the extra layout pins are removed from the netlist.
  • A layout port does not map to a source port. In this case the layout net is left floating.
  • A source port does not map to a layout port. If there are more source pins than layout pins:


            -If the ALLPINS keyword was specified, the source port is netlisted and attached to a floating net.

            -If the ALLPINS keyword was not specified, the source port is omitted from the netlist.