How to get coordinate information under Instance pin name section in a xRC generated DSPF netlist.

Document created by abdelrahman_elmously on Nov 2, 2012
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- In a regular DSPF output format from a normal run (no extra setting  applied), the instance pin name section reads as :


*|I (X64/M0:d X64/M0 d  B 0.0)                 <<-- coordinates not reported
*|I (X65/M0:s  X65/M0 s B 0.0)                 <<--  coordinates not reported


The coordinate information could be obtained by setting the keyword option  'HSIM' in the SVRF statement 'Pex Netlist ..', or to select HSIM keyword from the output netlist tab in PEX GUI.

This option is available for  DSPF output format only.




With this setting the same instance pin name section would now be  reported as:


*|I (X64/M0:d X64/M0 d B 0.0 11.38 3.75)                   <<<----------- coordinates being displayed
*|I (X65/M0:s X65/M0 s B  0.0 11.38 3.75)                  <<<----------- coordinates being  displayed