Obtaining the version of Calibre that an SVDB was created with

Document created by burr_shaw on Nov 5, 2012
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The SVDB version can be printed using the Query Server.

In a shell, navigate to a directory that contains an svdb directory and execute the following shell script, replacing top_cell in the example below with the top cell in the SVDB you are interested in:


echo 'status phdb' | calibre -query svdb top_cell | egrep -i 'created with|error|top'


The resulting output will include the version used to create the svdb PHDB, as long as the svdb was created properly.


Example with cell a1620 in the svdb.


     echo 'status phdb' | calibre -query svdb a1620 | egrep -i 'created with|error|top'


     OK: PHDB HIERARCHICAL created with Calibre Version v2012.3_31.26 Wed Oct 3 10:50:22 PDT 2012