Allow 45 degree edges on some layers while checking others for 90

Version 1

    How to check some layers to allow 45 degree angles with respect to the x-axis of the coordinate, and others for only 90?


    DRAWN SKEW and FLAG SKEW checks any layers read from the database for non-45. It is not discriminate enough to satisfy the need in this particular case.


    Here is an example for checking some layers that allow 45 degree angles, and other layers that only allow 90 degree angles. In this example, I chose to check layers 1 and 2 to make sure only 90 degree edges were used. Then,layer 3 is checked to make sure that only multiples of 45 degrees were used.


    // begin SVRF example


    layer LAY1 1

    layer LAY2 2

    layer LAY3 3


    'lay1_non_90'{@layer 1 has a non-90 degree edge here

    angle LAY1 >0<90

    angle LAY1 >0<90



    'lay2_non_90'{@layer 2 has a non-90 degree edge here

    angle LAY2 >0<90



    'lay3_non_45'{@layer 3 has a non-45 degree edge here

    angle LAY3 >0<45

    angle LAY3 >45<90