Netlisting properties for parasitic resistors and performing PEX reduction are not compatible operations.

Version 2

    When using the PEX Netlist SVRF rule file statement if you specify the optional keywords RLAYER, RLENGTH, RTHICKNESS, RLOCATION, or RWIDTH while also requesting resistance reduction, as in combination with the statements PEX Reduce ROnly, PEX Reduce TICER, PEX Reduce Digital, PEX Reduce Analog, or PEX Reduce Minres COMBINE, Calibre xRC will generate a warning and the resistance property will not be reported.


    For example, the optional keyword RLAYER specifies reporting parasitic resistor layers as comments.  It is recommended to not use RLAYER when performing resistance reduction because resistors across different layers will be combined and the reported layers will be meaningless.  Using RLAYER with PEX Reduce ROnly or PEX Reduce TICER will generate a warning and RLAYER will be ignored.