How to select a 45 degree angle edge and use in a spacing check?

Version 1

    Here are 2 possibilities:
    A) for just the 45 degree edges
    B) for any polygon that has at least one 45 degree edge


    The space_45_to_all_other check below selects all 45 degree edges on layer MET then does spacing check of those edges to the original MET layer.


    space_45_to_all_other {
         A = ANGLE MET >44 <46
         EXT A MET < 7


    The space_polygon_with_any_45_edge check below assumes you want a special spacing distance based on a polygon having any edge that is 45 degree. It selects all polygons that have at least one 45 degree edge then applies the spacing check between those polygons and the original layer.


    space_polygon_with_any_45_edge {
         A = ANGLE MET >44 <46
         Mwith45 = MET WITH EDGE A
         EXT Mwith45 MET < 7