CES: Utility to automate de/encryption of exported ASCII constraints

Version 2

    When exporting ASCII constraints from CES it is neccesary to "manually" run the "csv2dat" utility to decrypt the file.

    This utility associates the filetypes *.ecsv and *.cs_ with itself. De/encryption then can be done simply by doubleclicking on the file.

    For the de/encryption a 'cesencryption' license is needed, which must be obtained on request. Instructions are provided in technote MG558067.


    Files in the Zip.

    • CES_Ascii_de-en-crypt.vbs|.exe: Utility that de/encrypts + optionally creates/restores filetype association
    • CES_Ascii_de-en-crypt_only.vbs|.exe: Utility that de/encrypts only. Filetype association not included, cause the registry hacking inside it may trigger your antivirus client to smell evil ;-)


    Description pasted from file header:




    ' CES_Ascii_de-en-crypt.vbs|.exe: Script to automatically encrypt/decrypt exported CES ASCII constraints file


    ' Prerequisites:   

    '    - 'cesencryption' license needed

    '   - for EE7.9.3: Set PATH variable to: %SDD_HOME%\ces\win32\bin

    ' Setup:

    '    - copy the CES_Ascii_de-en-crypt.exe anywhere on your computer

    ' Usage:

    '    - If you use it without arguments (e.g. just doublecklicking it presents the option to associate the ".ecsv" or ".cs_" filetype to this script-

    '      Naturally this is done by hacking the registry. You have to have the permissions to do this.

    '   - Alternatively you could make the association manually using standard Win mechanisms

    '    - When the association is done, simply doublecklick on a "*.ecsv" or ".cs_" file and it will be decrypted to a "*.csv" file

    '    - If you have to decrypt multiple *.cs_" files, simply select all of them, then RMB>Open. All will be decrypted...


    '    - for encryption from csv to ecsv, you'll have to make the "Open With" association from ".csv" to that utility manually.

    '      Then simply "RMB>CES_Ascii_de-en-crypt" on a .csv file and it gets encrypted to a "*.ecsv" file


    '    IMPORTANT: You HAVE TO use the .exe file, not the .vbs file!

    '     The .exe has been created with the "VbsEdit" editor.


    '   (c) 2012 Mentor Graphics Corp.

    '    No warranties expressed or implied. (Use at you own risk.)

    '   Direct comments or questions to Gerhard_Busch@mentor.com

    '     Verified on MGC releases: EE7.9.3, EE7.9.4

    '    Version 01: 21.11.2012