How to print thresholding messages from extraction PDB analyzer (-pdb_info)

Document created by abdelrahman_elmously on Nov 26, 2012
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This is a new functionality that has been added to Calibre xRC and xACT that will enable more information to be printed out from the -pdb step of extraction.

It is useful if the user is experiencing memory issues, runtime issues or any crashes associated with the PDB stages.


Enabling this analyzer thresholding messages will help in debugging any of the above mentioned problems from the internal engineering side.

So users can print out these additional analyzer messages and send it over to internal engineering.


To enable it there are mainly two ways,


-From command line : in the xrc -pdb command line add the keyword -pdb_info, this would print out the additional information in the transcript.

-From GUI : check this box Display PDB THRESHOLDING messages. It is located in : PEX Options > Misc > Display PDB THRESHOLDING messages.