The SINGLEFILE setting can now be specified in the Calibre Interactive PEX GUI

Version 1

    In the Calibre 2012.4 Quarterly Release available on as of 11/16/2012, you can now request in the Calibre Interactive PEX GUI that a single Calibre xRC output netlist file be produced for netlists of format type ELDO, HSPICE, and SPECTRE.


    This new option had been added to


         PEX Options -> Netlist -> Advanced -> Combine transistor-level SPICE data

    Previously, the SINGLEFILE keyword was added as an option to the PEX NETLIST SVRF rule file statement in the Calibre 2010.2 Quarterly Release for the HSPICE format, and in the 2010.3 release for the SPECTRE and ELDO Calibre xRC output netlist formats.