Expedition PCB : Safety Net

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The SafetyNet.vbs script runs in the background and copies the Work\Layout_temp folder to a folder named "Layout_temp_" + datetime stamp of the LayoutDB.lyt file (IE. "Layout_temp_022020131032"), prior to the upcoming save made by Autosave or File > Save. It will maintain a number of copies specified by the Const MAXSAVES=2. You can change this to a number you prefer. Hence, the folder name reflects the time the LayoutDB.lyt file was last saved. The zip file contains both the scripts.ini file and the SafetyNet.vbs script. Put the SafetyNet.vbs file in any location, change the path entry in the scripts.ini file to reflect the location, then put the scripts.ini file in the WDIR folder or add its contents to a scripts.ini file currently being used.




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