DxDesigner: Swap Schematic Properties

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During translations, sometimes it is decided that a property's values should be mapped to a new property in DxDesigner. A good example is copying a corporate part number to Part Number.


This script will loop through a schematic and copy the values from one property to another. If the destination property is not found, the script will create the property on the schematic part and update the value. There is an option to also remove the old property, if the property is no longer needed.


Adding filters will instruct the script to skip over any source property that has a value of what is defined in the filter. For multiple filters, add one string per each line.






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Release Info:


  • Now backwards compatible with VX2.3 and earlier.



  • Now backwards compatible with VX2.0 and earlier.



  • Now backwards compatible with VX1.1 and earlier.


  • Released versions for VX.1 32-bit and 64-bit
  • VX Release brings a new icon and new splash screen:



  • Bug Fix



  • Bux Fix



  • Added Filter



  • Release to Community


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For any problems or enhancement requests, please contact Jeremy Parker at Jeremy_Parker@mentor.com


Always remember to back up your library or design before running any Automation script.


Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4