Workaround for DC2DX converted design's @CurrFileName Title Block property

Version 2

    'Ver 1.0 Mentor Graphics Finland, Timo Kyyronen, 24.04.2013

    'Originally created as a workaround for DC2DX conversion.

    'In this case the property "@CurrFileName" used in DC can not be used in DxD.


    'This is an unsupported automation script making a modification to the title block's

    'predefined property, changing the project path as the value.


    'In this example code it is "timo_test", replace with your actual property name.

    'This script creates a temporary into the project folder.

    'temp_borders.ini file is used while updating title blocks in the design.

    'You can think this also as an example how to modify more properties as well if needed.


    'Caution, use at your own risk.


    Upload the code from the attached zip file.