DxDesigner:  Workaround for dts00989731 - Value differences between Expedition PCB, CES and DxDesigner

Version 2

    This script is to workaround the following Defect related to Part Value differences between DxDesigner, CES and Expedition PCB.


    -dts00898731 : Value property not seen in Expedition even though it is in Dx and CES for some parts.


    This Defect is scheduled to be fixed in a future release.


    Run the Script from the DxDesigner command line toolbar as "run <path to>TriggerPIMValues.vbs"


    Once the script completes, run the Packager in DxDesigner and then run Forward Annotation in Expedition PCB.


    The script deletes and re-adds the Value Property


    This script is not officially supported, so please use at your own risk.

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