Automation script를 작성할 때 유용한 vbscript 함수들

Version 3

    Expedition Enterprise flow에서 vbscript로 Automation code를 작성할 때에 유용한 함수들을 소개합니다.


    아래 내용은 Microsoft에서 제공하는 MSDN Library 에서 가져왔습니다.

    원본 링크:


    AbsReturns the absolute value of a number
    ArrayReturns a variant containing an array with the specified values
    Asc/AscB/AscWReturns the ASCII value of a character
    AtnReturns the arctangent of the argument
    Chr/ChrB/ChrWReturns a character for a specific ASCII value
    CboolConverts a value to Boolean
    CbyteConverts a value to Byte
    CcurConverts a value to Currency
    CdateConverts a value to Date
    CDblConverts a value to Double
    CintConverts a value to Integer
    CLngConverts a value to Long
    CosReturns the cosine of the argument
    CreateObjectCreates a new instance of the specified object
    CSngConverts a value to Single
    DateReturns the current date
    DateSerialConverts month, day, and year values to a Date value
    DateValueReturns a date part of a Date value
    ExpReturns the exponential of the argument
    FilterReturns a string array that meets the specified filter criteria
    FixReturns the integer part of a number (Fix (1.2) = 1 and Fix(-1.2) = -1)
    FormatCurrencyFormats a value as currency
    FormatDateTimeFormats a value as a date or time
    FormatNumberFormats a number
    FormatPercentFormats a number as a percentage
    GetObjectReturns a reference to an automation object
    HexReturns a string containing the hexadecimal value of a number
    InputBoxDisplays a dialog box with a prompt for an input value
    InStr/InStrBReturns the starting position of the specified substring
    InStrRevSimilar to InStr but starts at the end of the string.
    IntReturns an integer part of a number. (Fix (1.2) = 1 and Fix (-1.2) = -2)
    IsArrayReturns True if the argument is an array
    IsDateReturns True if the argument contains a valid Date value
    IsEmptyReturns True if the argument has been initialized
    IsNullReturns True if the argument contains valid data
    IsNumericReturns True if the argument contains a valid number
    IsObjectReturns True if the argument contains an object
    JoinJoins together a series of strings (opposite of Split)
    LcaseConverts a string to lowercase characters
    Left/LeftBReturns the leftmost part of a string or byte array
    Len/LenBReturns the length of a string or byte array
    LoadPictureLoads a picture object
    LogReturns the log of the argument
    LTrimRemoves leading spaces from a string
    Mid/MidBReturns a substring from the middle of a string or byte array
    MsgBoxDisplays a dialog box with a message
    OctReturns a string containing the octal value of a number
    ReplaceReplaces one substring with another substring the specified number of times
    RGBReturns a color based on values for red, green, and blue
    Right/RightBReturns the rightmost part of a string or byte array
    RndReturns the next random number from the random-number generator
    RoundRounds a value to the specified number of decimal places
    RtrimRemoves trailing spaces from a string
    SgnReturns –1 if the argument is negative, 0 if it’s zero, +1 if it’s positive
    SinReturns the sine of the argument
    SpaceFills a string with the specified number of spaces
    SplitBreaks apart a string into multiple strings based on a substring (opposite of Join)
    SqrReturns the square root of the argument
    StrCompCompares strings
    StringFills a string with a specified character the specified number of times
    StrReverseReverses the order of the characters in the string
    TanReturns the tangent of the argument
    TimeReturns the current time
    TimeSerialConverts hour, minute, and second values to a Date value
    TimeValueReturns the time part of a Date value
    TrimRemoves leading and trailing spaces from a string
    TypeNameReturns a string containing the name of the type of variable
    VarTypeReturns an integer containing the type of variable