DxDesigner - Automation Method for renaming sheets

Version 1

    Defect:dts0100641413 - Enhancement to be able to use automation method for renaming and renumber sheets


    This functionality is available in:

    EE7.9.4_Update22 or newer

    EE7.9.5_Update11 or newer



    The following example is an example of renaming sheets in Navigator. Manually it's done with RMB>Rename for the selected sheet.



    Set App = GetObject(,"ViewDraw.Application")

    Dim SchemDoc, Sheets, Sheet, DocumentSheet, i
    i = 10

    ForEach SchemDocIn App.SchematicSheetDocuments.GetAvailableSchematics
        Set Sheets = App.SchematicSheetDocuments.GetAvailableSheets(SchemDoc)
        ForEach SheetIn Sheets
            Set DocumentSheet = SchematicSheetDocuments.Open( SchemDoc, Sheet )
            MsgBox i & "_NewName"
            'DocumentSheet.SetSheetName(DocumentSheet.Name & "NewName")
            DocumentSheet.SetSheetName( i & "_NewName")
            i = i + 10