Valor MSS fails to invoke with error 'The type initializer for 'Mentor.MGLS.LicMan' threw an exception'

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Error message when applicaiton is launched.


Valor MSS fails to launch with a 'Mentor.MGLS.LicMan' error


vPlan fails to launch with a 'Mentor.MGLS.LicMan' error

The type initializer for 'Mentor.MGLS.LicMan' threw an exception


A general exception has occurred. Save your work and restart the application.





    Valor MSS Business Intelligence (BI)

    System Administration

    Valor MSS Foundation (MSS Server)

    Valor MSS Process Preparation (vPlan)

    Valor MSS Production (vManage)

    Valor MSS Quality Management (vCheck)



    MSS 11.2

    MSS 11.3





1. On the MSS server and client machines, update mgls.dll (licensing DLL):

Note: If you downloaded the Mentor License Utility before March  21, 2014, you need to download it again to pick up the latest changes  specifically related to this problem.


  • Download and run Mentor_License_Utility_INSTALL.exe*, which extracts all the program files, creates a shortcut**, and launches the Mentor License Utility program.
  • Navigate to and select the 'Tools > Update File > Mgls.dll > Older FlexNet version (one major version back)' menu item.
  • The File Replace Options dialog will appear. Make sure all checkboxes are selected and click the Next button
  • Browse to the directory where the Mentor Graphics software is installed to (for example: C:\MentorGraphics\11.3MSS) and click OK
  • Wait for all the mgls.dll files to be updated. This can take a few minutes or more.
  • Once complete a notification of all files updated will be given.  Click Close to exit the dialog, and File > Exit to exit the Mentor  License Utility program.

* For a zipped version download (does not create a shortcut nor does it launch the program automatically)


**  A shortcut to the Mentor License Utility is created under Start >  Programs > Mentor Graphics License Utility. If this step fails retry  the installation using the right-click 'Run as Administrator' option.


2. Restart required services (Process Prep/vPlan only)

Version 11.2:

Restart the ValorDASServiceV1120 and ValorGTWServiceV1120 services.

Version 11.3:

Restart the ValorDASServiceV1130 and ValorGTWServiceV1130 services.


3. Update the mgls.dll  in the Component Folder zip files

(ONLY applies to version 11.3 of vCheck and vManage)

Manually copy the mgls.dll to the Components Folder and replace the file in each of the client’s zip files, for example:

In the following example the component folder (Shared folder) is MSS_Comps


In the following example we open the VQM client zip




Click OK (in this example we use WinRAR, but WinZip also works)


Next time vQM loads, it will check the Component Manager Folder vQM  zip file, and will replace the mgls file on the local client by updating  the local package of vQM.


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