Cannot show Path_name in Calibre RVE when using PERC

Version 1

    Dear All,


    I find that I cannot show Path_name in Calibre RVE after I added below highlight command in below program:

    perc::export_connection [list $mosPtr D $mosPtr S] -cd -path $net_name


    Is there anyone can help on this?




    proc iopad_p2p_calculation { net pin_name mos_type mos_nettype dio_type dterm1 dterm2 dterm2_nettype post_index} {

    set selected 1

    set net_name [perc::name $net]

    puts stdout "Pad Name: $net_name"

    set mos_results [perc::count -net $net -pinAtNet $pin_name -type $mos_type -pinNetType [list $pin_name $mos_nettype] -list]

    set mos_count [lindex $mos_results 0]

    set mos_list [lindex $mos_results 1]

    if {$mos_count > 0 } {

    foreach mosPtr $mos_list {

    set d_net [perc::get_nets [perc::get_pins $mosPtr -name D]]

    set d_name [perc::name $d_net]

    set s_net [perc::get_nets [perc::get_pins $mosPtr -name S]]

    set s_name [perc::name $s_net]

    set g_net [perc::get_nets [perc::get_pins $mosPtr -name G]]

    set g_name [perc::name $s_net]

    puts stdout "[perc::name $mosPtr] $d_name $g_name $s_name [perc::subtype $mosPtr]"

    if {[perc::equal $net $d_net]} {

    puts stdout "Export Pin Pair $net_name [perc::name $mosPtr]\:D"

    ##puts stdout "Export Pin Pair $s_name [perc::name $mosPtr] S"

    perc::export_pin_pair [list lvsTopPort port $mosPtr D] -check_type "cd" -annotate [list [list GROUP_INDEX "${net_name}_${post_index}"]]

    perc::export_connection [list $mosPtr D $mosPtr S] -cd -path $net_name

    ### for Power nets P2P to pull up ESD device

    perc::export_pin_pair [list $mosPtr S lvsTopPort port] -check_type "cd" -annotate [list [list GROUP_INDEX "${net_name}_${post_index}"]]

    } elseif {[perc::equal $net $s_net]} {

    puts stdout "Export Pin Pair $s_name [perc::name $mosPtr]\:S"

    ##puts stdout "Export Pin Pair $d_name [perc::name $mosPtr] D"

    perc::export_pin_pair [list lvsTopPort port $mosPtr S] -check_type "cd" -annotate [list [list GROUP_INDEX "${net_name}_${post_index}"]]

    perc::export_pin_pair [list $mosPtr D lvsTopPort port] -check_type "cd" -annotate [list [list GROUP_INDEX "${net_name}_${post_index}"]]