How do I simulate using Eldo with variable parameters?

Version 1

    A customer asked, I can simulate varying parameters for Resistors, Capacitors, and Inductors, how can I run multiple simulations using a transformer?


    Good Question!  Under the multiple simulations tab, there is a drop down for "Global Parameters" but to get a parameter to be displayed it first has to be defined.  Define a parameter using the Netlist Header setup icon (the second icon in the HLA toolbar).  For this example I defined the following: .PARAM WINDINGA=2  The line consists of 3 parts.

         The command - .PARAM  (note the period)

         The variable - WINDINGA

         The default value - 2

    Next on the circuit, for the jtran transformer, the property A defines the turns ratio.  Instead of a number use the parameter WINDINGA.

    HLA Parameter.png

    Now netlist the design, and select the simulation tab.  Now that the Global Parameter is displayed, it is available for use,  I selected a Linear step with 5 points, 1 to 5.

    hla simulation.png    

    Now the fun part, simulate and the output appears for further analysis in EZWave!  Have fun simulating!

    hla ezwave.png