Different models, Different results

Document created by Gary_Lameris on Oct 6, 2015
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When using SPICE simulators it is important to verify your parts and models to ensure the design specifications required are fully met.  HyperLynx Analog makes comparing models easy by allowing multiple models to be attached to a symbol and selecting the appropriate model for simulation.  Just right mouse button on a symbol and open the Simulation Model Properties for the component. Add each model and select the model for the simulation run.

.Different Models.png


Notice how the output results can differ.  Although the 2 different models for the Opamp1 (LM2904) have similar outputs after the initial conditions settle, the power up condition differs.  OPamp2, a different part from a different vendor has yet another power up transition and a differing DC bias. 

Different Models results.png


Notice in the above graph the advanced features in EZwave limiting the portions of the circuit to be measured to exclude the initial startup spike in the second simulation.


Improve your simulations by comparing differing scenarios with the advanced features of HyperLynx Analog!