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Version 4

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    xPCB Layout

    dts0101165352 – Dynamove Trace:  A crash can occur when dynamoving a trace segment

    dts0101147917 – Dynamove:  Locked trace sometimes deleted by modifying a trace that is connected

    dts0101162199 – Performance:  Xpedition can go (Not Responding) when changing display schemes and selecting fit board

    dts0101161753 – Performance:  Moving rule area polyline causes tool to pause for several seconds.

    dts0101162081 – Teardrops:  Adding a custom property to a cell in Cell Editor, causes cell to lose their teardrops

    dts0101161764 – Teardrops:  Software can pauses or delay when the teardrop hazards window is shown

    dts0101163615 – Rule Area:  Editing of rule area can cause teardrops on vias to get clearance to plane metal for same net

    dts0101160699 - Editor control:  Can get hang (gray out route tab) using auto hide when running Forward Annotation

    dts0101129118 - Component Explorer:  Planning Groups poorly handle testpoints within groups

    dts0101129112 - Component Explorer: Distribute option does not work for testpoints

    dts0101148477 – Testpoints:  Incorrectly reported as locked, can't move them in some cases.


    xDX Designer

    dts0100912672 - Bug of the Japanese text input