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Version 1

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    Smart Utilities

    dts0101164625 - Curved Teardrops are not supported on ordered nets bug

    xPCB Layout

    dts0101147917 – Moving Traces:  Locked trace sometimes are deleted when modifying a different trace

    dts0101121291 - Move testpoint:  Connected fixed via also gets moved

    dts0101166474 – Move Part: Locked traces and vias move with part

    dts0101180516 – Utility: Report and repair connectivity errors

    dts0101176493 – Xtreme:  Out of Sync after Plane Assignments changes

    dts0101180520 – Automation: Calls to Automation to can cause issues with connectivity

    dts0101176211 - Xtreme – Server can crash when copying vias

    dts0101169633 – Move Via: Latency after selecting multiple vias of a high pin count net

    dts0101166747 – Move Trace: Vias and traces can disappear after manipulation of a trace segment

    xDX Designer

    dts0101160672 - CPU (1 complete thread) is consumed on selecting instances in schematic, and not returned until they are deselected