Ref Des Clean Up

Document created by andrew_french on Jul 21, 2016
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This application will help you standardize and clean up your assembly and silk screen reference designators in Xpedition.  My layout designers love me for this application.

Check boxes enable or disable a feature.

The first text box with "J,P,U" is editable and you can target specific ref des's.  This list must be comma delimited and have no spaces.



There are two files and the both should live in the same directory.

RefDesCleanUp.exe - The application itself

RefDesCleanUp.exe.config - Default value settings


Written in C# Visual Studio 2013, source is included.

Should work on 7.9.X and VX.  You might have to recompile for 32bit.

Code is provided as is and not guaranteed to work, use at your own risk.