Expedition PCB: Find Missing Pads

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Platform/Format: VBScript

Use case description:

The script will list all components, fiducials, vias, and plated mounting holes that are missing all pads, regardless if the user intended for them to be removed or not.  In some cases, these missing pads are on “unmodified” padstacks thus Batch DRC does not find them as a violation. Therefore, the script is the best way to find these types of missing pads.


Procedure to run the FindMissingPadsV3 script:

  1. Open the design in xPCB Layout
  2. Drag the script and drop it onto the layout window for it to run automatically. Alternatively, you can type within the pcb view window  "run <full pathname>FindMissingPadsV3.vbs"
  3. There will be a popup dialog that will ask if you want the script to show only missing surface mount pads. Answer yes to only see missing surface mount pads shown in the results. Answer no if you want to see a full list.
  4. After completion, results will appear in the output window.
  5. If pads are missing, each line in the output window contains a link to the location of a suspected missing pad.
  6. Manually examine each part listed by the script to validate if the reported missing pads are intended or not.


  Please note that the script will report missing user layer pads, however, this does not mean this is a real issue.  It just means that the Padstack in the library calls for User Layer pads but the padstack in Layout does not have them.  The script does not validate "Display Condition" for user layer pads thus just reports a possible issue the user will have to manually validate.


FindMissingPadsV3: Updates made to improve stability on Windows and Linux