FAQ - Getting Started in the Tanner Community

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1.  How do I post a question?

It’s easy. Once you log in, simply select “Start a discussion” from the Actions box in the left column or “Discussion” from the Actions drop down in the ribbon in the upper right corner, both of which are found on the Tanner EDA community Overview page. Also on the Overview page, and all other pages, you can select “Discussion” from the “Create” drop down.

Start a discussion.jpg


Start a discussion 2.jpg

Any of these methods then opens a rich text editor where you can title your question, provide additional details, attach files or add images, then optionally add tags, select one or more categories that apply to your question, and post it.


2.  Can I add an attachment to my Discussion post?

Yes. When you are creating your Discussion post in the rich text editor, the option to attach a file is found in the lower right corner. Additionally, you can add images and insert coding snippets for a variety of languages.


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Syntax highlighting.jpg


3. What kind of questions can I ask?

This community is for its members to engage with each other, so feel free to ask just about any question you would like. Questions that are particularly well-suited to this forum are product usage questions. But questions pertaining to methodology, best practices, general expertise or similar design engineering questions may also be appropriate.


This forum is not a substitute for Support Center. The content in this community is publicly accessible. For customers with a current Mentor Support Agreement, Support Center provides a comprehensive selection of content and services, including license and administrative resources, Knowledge Base articles, documentation, Service Request submission, and more. This community is an additional resource for Mentor customers and other interested design professionals to share their knowledge and deepen their expertise.


4.  How do I mark a response as a correct answer?

When you receive a response that answers a question that you posted, please make sure and mark it as correct. It is very helpful to the other members of the community to know when a question is answered correctly.


When you receive a correct answer, just select “Correct Answer” in that response. It will also then be placed within your question to more easily be seen by others.


Correct answer.jpg


5.  Can I answer questions?

Yes. The health of a community is driven by the involvement of its members. We encourage the active participation of all community members.


6.  Will Mentor technical staff participate in this community?

Mentor technical staff will be monitoring activity on the community and will participate as appropriate and as their availability allows.


7.  How do I search contents of the Tanner community? all of Mentor Communities?

To search content specifically in the Tanner community, use the Search box located in the center of the community Overview page.

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You can also easily find all the content associated with a particular category by selecting your category of interest, also on the Overview page.

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To search for content across all the Mentor Communities, select the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner.


8. Will I receive email notifications when someone responds to my post? What about mobile notifications?

The default setting in your “Preferences” page is set for you to receive email notifications for any content you create. To review or edit your Preferences settings, select “Preferences” from the drop down located next to your avatar. Be sure to “Save” any changes you make with the button at the bottom of the page.

You can also select to receive mobile notifications for activity that is of interest. Instructions to access the Jive Mobile app are on the Preferences page.


Drop down_Preferences.jpg


9.  How can I be notified when someone posts new content to the community in general, or posts a new response or comment to a piece of content I am interested in?

To be notified of any new content added to the community, select the “Follow” drop down in the upper right corner just under your avatar and check Inbox. The button text will change to “Following."


Similarly, if want to be notified of changes to a specific piece of content in the community, select “Follow” in the upper right corner of the content and check the Inbox option. Make sure your Preferences are set accordingly.


Following drop down_inbox.jpg             following_content.jpg


10.  How can I edit my Profile?

Select “Edit Profile” from your avatar drop down.


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