VX.2.3Update 1 Release Notes

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Problems Fixed in X-ENTP VX.2.3 Update 1



dts0101294364 - IOPT Does not see topologies set in Xpedition PCB Layout


Valor NPI

dts0101305171 - running MRA Revolution is not working if a FLEX constraint does not have license

dts0101305176 - User Action in Input Package no longer works.

dts0101305195 - Configuration Parameter "edt_chklist_release_memory" causes Valor NPI Checklist to fail.

dts0101305134 - Cadence translation too long

dts0101305140 - Arc Teardrops are changed to weird when imported by PADS asc file into ValorNPI

dts0101305198 - MRA: only Default View is available in the View by dropdown

dts0101305344 - DPW - even though MRA Revolution is saved in the toolkit.config.xml file it isn’t used in the DPW

dts0101305348 - Micron (Metric) round off error after safe within the ADM

dts0101305361 - VPL package tolerances used for build product model are incorrect

dts0101305339 - DPW - MRA is not opens up to review the MRA Revolution results


Xpedition Layout

dts0101306844 - Issue caused by automation starting multiple instances of plow command

dts0101306849 - Issue caused by automation creating an obstruct with an invalid points array

dts0101287940 - Cross ref indicators missing in the ODB++ file.

dts0101308987 - Abnormal MVO selected display

dts0101306309 - Any changes made in Padstack Editor causes a bunch of padstacks to be updated in layout

dts0101307398 - Issue in ExpeditionPCB!CVgerView::OnPlaceRotate180

dts0101309917 - Issue when Xtreme Force Field size is very small

dts0101308986 - Multiple mouse cursor appeared.



dts0101293431 - Add a simple lock/unlock function to allow/prohibit editing of the view scheme.

dts0101254780 - Afer clicking the 'Exclude' icon, the 'Quantity' values in DataView are not calculated based on the number of components of 'Part List Exclude = True'



dts0101221021 - After Import Constraints from .cts file, constraint manager crashing on exit


Xpedition Designer

dts0101290977 - Update symbol functionality later removes Part Number from FPGA symbols