[Mentor Community tips & tricks] Missing images in PDF generated via 'View as PDF' link in the community

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    Mentor Graphics Communities allow you to view its contents in PDF via the View as PDF command in the right-hand side of the ACTIONS panel (Document with image visible in PDF).




    Sometimes, images may be missing in the generated PDF (Document with image missing in PDF ).





    Remove the <span ...> and </span> tags surrounding the <img ... /> tag in the HTML editor.


    4.Step by step instructions


    STEP 1: Edit the page where if the image is missing when PDF is the generated PDF



    STEP 2: Switch to HTML code editor view



    STEP 3: Delete the <span ... > tag located immediately before the <img ... /> tag



    STEP 4: Delete the </span> tag located immediately after the <img ... /> tag



    STEP 5: Switch back to the WYSIWYG view



    STEP 6: Confirm the visible contents of the page has not been changed and save your changes



    STEP 7: There is no step 7: Just click on the View as PDF link and your image will now be visible in the generated PDF .