VX.2.2 Update 16 Release Notes

Version 1

    Problems Fixed in X-ENTP VX.2.2 Update 16


    Xpedition Layout

    dts0101312379 - Issue when attempting to change alternate cell in ECO > Replace Cell

    dts0101291492 - xPCB Layout Plow: Unable to add via with DRC on. DRC off shows vio. Exit and re-enter violation gone

    dts0101313850 - Backdrill span information is wrong in ODB++ output


    Xpedition Designer

    dts0101284278 - @PRINTORDER is not updated in Reuse Blocks


    EDM Server

    dts0101314104 - Hang occurs when attempting to log into Admin page and cancel Java prompt


    dts0101300790 - iCDB server constantly increasing memory usage for each opened icdbnetserver process.

    dts0101295686 - Cannot Foward annotate due to stackup issues