VX.2.2 Update 17 Release Notes

Version 1


    Problems Fixed in X-ENTP VX.2.2 Update 17


    Xpedition Layout

    dts0101312984 - DXF exported gives "expected group code 330" / "invalid or incomplete DXF input" error in Hatch on reading into AutoCAD


    Xpedition Designer

    dts0101281396 - IVdAttribute::Delete() method interrupts UNDO transaction.

    dts0101295060 - Packager adds redundant conflicting pin numbers to pass-thru connectors on imported netlist project.

    dts0101295986 - Import Netlsit project is not importing the pass through pins correctly.


    EDM Server

    dts0101315097 - Changing Library logging to Debug causes out of memory errors for Library Clients

    dts0101291350 - EDM Library -Design Cockpit login window not translating the information to German Language


    EDM Design

    dts0101313791 - Even if it deletes design files by EDM client, it doesn't disappear from a Vault folder.


    EDM Library

    dts0101186256 - xDM Part Replacement doesn't allow to multi lines change as it is in xDM Library Assignment.

    dts0101210970 - 'Undo' process, after the xDM Library part replacement, requires too many click