VX.2.3 Update 11 Release Notes

Version 1

    Problems Fixed in X-ENTP VX.2.3 Update 11


    EDM Server

    dts0101330553 - A java.lang.NumberFormatException is written to MGCMDS.log every 5 minutes

    dts0101330899 - SSL Certificate fails because systems do not have unfettered access to the Internet to validate the revocation status of an outside-generated certificate

    dts0101315791 - Dataloss in xDMLibrary


    EDM Library

    dts0101332647 - Server deploy stuck at "Initiate Search Indexes" during migration

    dts0101334519 - Abnormal change of TOP catalog group ID by drag & drop the catalog to itself


    EDM Design

    dts0101338500 - [EDM-TC Integration] In case of enabled TC integration, second and subsequent calls to ServerDeploy fail


    Xpedition Systems Designer

    dts0101321238 - The Xpedition System Designer product is checking out a xdesigner201_c license instead of xdesigner301_c


    Xpedition AMS

    dts0101319870 - Spice netlist doesn't be updated by execute [Netlist]

    dts0101309501 - Before running simulation , netlist is not updated after deleting instance value

    dts0101318655 - RMB > Model and Symbol Wizard crash depending on SPICEFILE property

    dts0101318160 - Customer needs access to ADMS 17.2 (Windows 7 only) & Eldo 17.2


    Xpedition Layout

    dts0101302458 - Opening design saved in VX1.1 and open in VX2.2, Teardrop disappears and cannot be regenerated same as before

    dts0101340534 - xPCB Layout - Interactive Routing performance needs to be faster in this large design.