VX.2.3 Update 12 Release Notes

Version 1

    Problems Fixed in X-ENTP VX.2.3 Update 12


    Xpedition Layout

    dts0101330289 - Issue in ExpeditionPCB!cUniGroupProperty::~cUniGroupProperty(void)

    dts0101304362 - Xtreme - Issue on hit TAB to change selected object (while other client deleted other objects in selection)

    dts0101331954 - The Grid dot color is unstable changing depends on layer color.

    dts0101311716 - Inconvenient diff pair routing when clearance violation exists

    dts0101315035 - Abnormal Trace shove working.

    dts0101317565 - The Trace shove option is working even though, Online DRC is turned off.

    dts0101307403 - Issue in HvwEDnt!CHyperRunView::OnEraseBkgnd related to Automation Form Editor

    dts0101319623 - Issue in cPEPlowCmd::CheckMenuItems

    dts0101329765 - Request a regular option finding all missing pads in Batch DRC.

    dts0101328920 - Issue in SysGl!PShapes::PointInside when rescheduling nets

    dts0101311123 - Abnormal autual length display in the Constraint manager

    dts0101317831 - The Thermal ties are not fixed place 0/90 angle

    dts0101322478 - Copper remain when place Via on the Pad.

    dts0101311772 - Issue in pcbRender!cGrMotionCircle::GetCenterX

    dts0101314897 - Issue in RFEngine!CRF_PIDocumentEvents::stopDocumentListening

    dts0101328921 - Issue in ExpeditionPCB!SaveAll

    dts0101308989 - Abnormal EC display.

    dts0101314164 - Automation to change Interactive DRC causes Editor Control to get out of sync with setting

    dts0101314517 - Mismatched Mouse pointer and shapes while draw shape

    dts0101321606 - It could not cancel dragging box.

    dts0101328817 - If user pushes buried cells to inner layer, some cells are rotated.

    dts0101328821 - When pushing a buried cell, connected traces and vias also seem to be pushed, and rotated unintentionally.

    dts0101323273 - Layout user cannot route traces near specific pad of part which shape is diagonal.

    dts0101328625 - The Reschedule netline option does not work some of case.

    dts0101328819 - When user applies buried cell, unexpected text is generated, and it looks like a short.

    dts0101331260 - The Violation trace has disappeared during trace shove

    dts0101338929 - Multi-selection of vias allows invalid selection of spans in Padstack Properties

    dts0101337058 – Issue with Xpedition on Plow (ExpeditionPCB!cNetLineMarkPlow::Mark)

    dts0101339208 - Cannot cancel dragging box in active-object Plow and Move commands

    dts0101340131 - Design mismatch between Dynamic plane and Gerber output.


    Smart Utilities

    dts0101319624 – Issue in TuneTraceAddin!IMGCPCBBaseGfx::GetGeometry

    dts0101322475 - The Cut trace works delete other side trace.

    dts0101324268 – Issue in Align Trace addin

    dts0101325483 - Cannot re-connect differential pair trace after used cut part of traces.


    EDM Library

    dts0101306365 - xDM Library Client 2.2 / EDM Library Cockpit 2.2 misrepresent the mapping of Parts with brackets in Pin Names


    EDM Library Tools

    dts0101311251 - Symbol Editor, Inverted Property has issue

    dts0101344227 - Attempting to map cell pins to symbol in pdb editor results in the pin numbers associated with are incompatible with the previously assigned cell.


    Xpedition Designer

    dts0101310512 - UT010031 Login Failed errors that we see in our xDM Server log are due to the xDxDesigner search utility and xDxDatabook

    dts0101312000 - xDesigner "Assign Refdes" function creates duplicate ref Des assignments causing packager failure

    dts0101319593 - Random error message when publishing manage block

    dts0101329102 - Memory usage increases when running with Automation commands