How to create a Visual Studio solution for A2B Analyzer SDK based applications

Document created by rajesh_alwar on Mar 12, 2019
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The dynamic libraries (DLLs) included with the A2B Analyzer SDK release do not include import libraries required by the Visual Studio tool-chain since MSYS2 is the preferred build environment under Windows. Fortunately, however,there is a way to generate these import libraries using one of Microsoft's command-line utilities installed with Visual Studio. This utility (lib) can take a MSYS2 *.def file and generate a Microsoft compatible *.lib file. For example, the command-line to create an import library from the Analyzer SDK DLL *.def file is shown below.

lib /nologo /machine:x64 /def:libanlzr.def /out:libanlzr.lib

The same command can be used to generate Microsoft Visual Studio compatible import libraries for the remaining DLLs delivered with the A2B Analyzer SDK release. Additional details can be found here.


Also, add the the following "Additional Dependencies" and "Preprocessor Definitions" to you VS solution, you should be able to successfully compile and link.