VX.2.4 Update 6~9 Release Notes

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Problems Fixed in X-ENTP VX.2.4 Update 9

EDM Library

dts0101354041 - P&S - Overall performance degradation for functions in xDM Library Client (EDM Librarian)

dts0101364486 - P&S - Memory is leaking on the EDM server when users are using EDM Collaborate application

Xpedition Layout

dts0101366563 - Proximity violations between via pads and metal balancing if MVOs are used

EDM Design

dts0101359278 - With any change to the Variant data, EDM Design will lose all custom variant meta-data

dts0101360958 - Custom variant meta-data is lost when deployment with Teamcenter is installed/configured

dts0101343578 - Get strange GUI error when logging into EDM Design Cockpit


dts0101358151 - Two different view of AW gadget depending of window size.

EDM Server

dts0101359021 - Teamcenter URL is not accessible and the server will not deploy

dts0101360414 - Search re-index is triggered by EDM user login

dts0101352873 - Allow users to configure Tc user/password to support EDM/Tc integration.


Problems Fixed in X-ENTP VX.2.4 Update 8

EDM Library

dts0101354815 - Cannot create System Designer Connector Data in CAPITAL based on EDX file using custom code

Xpedition Layout

dts0101311738 - Altium translator is not translating net classes and constraints correctly

- Differential Pair Skew (a.k.a Saw tooth tuning, Diff Pair Length Tolerance) is not working for Xpedition Design Translated from Altium

Xpedition Designer

dts0101360030 - Import Altium to Xpedition Designer creates connectivity issues related to harness definition

dts0101359657 - When "Setting"->"Unique names on copy" switch on, unique names are not be created when copying from Global symbols in certain cases


Problems Fixed in X-ENTP VX.2.4 Update 7

EDM Server

dts0101355821 - TC/EDM SSO isn't working with EDM Library Cockpit

Xpedition Layout

dts0101358246 - Vias dropped on load in migrated design.

dts0101345784 - Unable to open a panel or drawing design from EDM Design Cockpit

dts0101354963 - PlaneShape issue

dts0101314036 - Create many vertices trace

Xpedition Designer

dts0101354563 - We should not be able to remove a comp on Designer in Read only mode.

dts0101347065 - The script cannot work under Chinese menu in Xpedition Designer

Xpedition FabLink

dts0101349502 - Japanese (2 bytes) is not displayed in Extended Print of Fablink DWG Editor.


Problems Fixed in X-ENTP VX.2.4 Update 6

EDM Design

dts0101360162 - EDM Performance for Check-In Operation