[New Feature] Internal Dynamic Tone generation capability

Document created by rajesh_alwar on Jul 11, 2019
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Internal Dynamic tone generation is a new feature available with A2B Analyzer Application 4.0.1 and A2B Analyzer Service 1.2.x.x. This is enabled by an improvement made in the A2B Analyzer Firmware (v5.0.8 and above) that lets the A2B Analyzer Service and A2B Analyzer Application (HMI) to dynamically change the internal tone of the streams (without pausing or stopping the streams). A varied range of tones can be generated with this like linear or log sweeps, oscillating between 2 different frequencies, etc.


The dynamic tone can be configured in the following modes:

Repeat mode:

0 = One shot (no repeat): This setting sets the frequency to the target frequency when the command is sent. The start tone is almost ignored in this case.

1 = Sweep Continuously: Glides from the start frequency to the target frequency repeatedly. Transitions back to the start frequency almost instantaneously. Sweep time is set by setting the glide time parameter.

2 = Oscillate Continuously: Glides between the start frequency to the target frequency as set by the glide time parameter and back to the start frequency in glide time.



Tone Sweep Mode:

0 = Linear

1 = Logarithmic


The documentation of the A2B Analyzer Service also offers more details on performing the following functions using the service.

Dynamically Add/Remove Audio Stream

  • Input/Source Audio Stream Types
  • Output/Sink Audio Stream Types
  • Other Audio Stream Types
  • Dynamically Add Streams
  • Dynamically Remove Streams
  • Dynamically Modify Streams


Feel free to comment below if you have any questions or comments regarding this feature.