VX.2.4 Update 10 Release Notes

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Problems Fixed in X-ENTP VX.2.4 Update 10
EDM Server
dts0101358841 - P&S - EDM Server command line on Linux has duplicate antries
dts0101368144 - After a period of time the EDM Server starts denying logins. Only a server restart resolves it.
dts0101370833 - DTP Email alerts were broken

Xpedition Layout
dts0101336762 – Issue with Xpedition Layout after renaming root block and synchronizing [in EDM design environment]
dts0101355021 - EDM Design forces all Valor DFM hazards to be reviewed on each analysis.
dts0101364088 - Wrong Gerber output result in circuit short

dts0101350038 - IOPT unsuccessful unravel results - between trace end points that appear perfect for the unravel process
dts0101353197 - Unraveling in Floorplan View of IO Optimizer trace end point to trace end point does not work