VX.2.4 Update 11,12 Release Notes

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Problems Fixed in X-ENTP VX.2.4 Update 12
EDM Server

dts0101345481 - Server deploy fails when attempting to migrate TcEDA 2.4 configuration - Server had to be rebuilt from scratch
dts0101336132 - Display control of menus is reset by server deployment
dts0101345350 - generateILCLog.sh|.bat returns incomplete information as compared to the previous version license logging utility.

EDM Design
dts0101366599 - Not possible to create new project from released data from previous release
dts0101153912 - Cancel Release operation takes above one minute
dts0101318558 - DM Design Cockpit - Design Check-in failed

EDM Library
dts0101329851 - EDM Library Cockpit shows overlapping controls on a part's Component Data tab

Xpedition System Designer
dts0101370921 - Change default position of Ref Designator property on generic connector
dts0101362434 - XSD EDM Performance Check-out time

Xpedition Designer
dts0101369159 - EDM Partlister includes Unplaced Mechanical parts in BOM in EDM Design Cockpit, non-EDM Partlister works OK
dts0101360561 - Xpedition Designer tool performance facing periodic hiccups and is not workable
dts0101371588 - DM Design Cockpit - Design Check-in failed


Xpedition Layout
dts0101354991 - Issue while change cells to Buried
dts0101371673 - Random/Periodic freeze of applications when working with EDM
dts0101371597 - DM Design Cockpit - Design Check-in failed

dts0101371601 - DM Design Cockpit - Design Check-in failed

Problems Fixed in X-ENTP VX.2.4 Update 11
EDM Server
dts0101369710 - P&S - Unlocking datastore objects during server start may timeout on database with many objects
dts0101362853 - AWS_Bash2: Data Analyzer is reporting 28 Orphan files in Satellite vault with no explanation of how that happened.
dts0101368509 - Uploaded blob was lost after replication settings are modified in a certain way

EDM Design
dts0101369716 - P&S: Displaying context menu in design cockpit is slow
dts0101364807 - Slow to login to xDM Design - suspected to be due to lots of projects in the database
dts0101348398 - Design check in performance is slowed down significantly.

Xpedition Designer
dts0101367073 – Issue with Xpedition Designer when closing the tool.
dts0101362088 - Cannot suppress net name visibility on net connected to symbol of type Annotate


Xpedition System Designer
dts0101347122 - Placing part in SD with Generic symbol does not inherit properties from library symbol.

dts0101360587 - EDX API fails to read files containing undefined elements

EDM Server
dts0101358841 - P&S - EDM Server command line on Linux has duplicate antries
dts0101368144 - After a period of time the EDM Server starts denying logins. Only a server restart resolves it.
dts0101370833 - DTP Email alerts were broken

Xpedition Layout
dts0101336762 – Issue with Xpedition Layout after renaming root block and synchronizing [in EDM design environment]
dts0101355021 - EDM Design forces all Valor DFM hazards to be reviewed on each analysis.
dts0101364088 - Wrong Gerber output result in circuit short

dts0101350038 - IOPT unsuccessful unravel results - between trace end points that appear perfect for the unravel process
dts0101353197 - Unraveling in Floorplan View of IO Optimizer trace end point to trace end point does not work

EDM Library
dts0101354041 - P&S - Overall performance degradation for functions in xDM Library Client (EDM Librarian)

dts0101364486 - P&S - Memory is leaking on the EDM server when users are using EDM Collaborate application