Support contract renewal issues with Mentor/Siemens.

Document created by murray00 on Aug 12, 2020
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I’m writing this note to gain support from the pads community and maybe someone at this company who can stand behind the pads users and all those other users who also understand the value of having a support agreement and that they may find themselves in this problem due to Mentor being taken over by Siemens.


I have maintained a support agreement with the pads product since I purchased it long before Mentor acquired it. YES I’VE BEEN PAYING SUPPORT FOR 18 PLUS YEARS TO MENTOR FOR A PERPETUAL MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT.


Now 5 years later after the name change of ES suite to Pads standard plus, I’m being told that I have never had a license to Pads Standard Plus because these two NEW “Renewal Sales Representative” I’m dealing with say my support agreement says it’s for “ES Suite” and I have to pay more money to upgrade to the next product. I can’t fault the renewal rep’s (maybe I should), as I believe it’s their management providing guidance.


So REALY… I’m told not to worry that the new product has a lower maintenance cost, so after two years I will be saving on this support cost.


So let me itemize my position.

  • I have spent 14 thousand plus US dollars on a dead product name (ES suite) for the last 5 years
  • I was never informed by Mentor of the new lower support costs.
  • Mentor never changed the description of my support agreement.
  • I have been over charged by Mentor for my pads support agreement for the last 5 years because the name didn’t change.
  • I sent out email copies of the last 5-years (to the renewal rep) indicating that I had once had access to these new products but the links don’t work because it’s the old site.
  • The new people are being steadfast in their position. I don't have rights to pads standard plus.  Why do I have support??


So why now am I seeing this. Well because the old mentor site is not available and the new Siemens site doesn’t show the other authorization codes and my support is up for renewal at the end of September.



 Here are some snippets from times gone by written by him. Will anyone stand behind Jim’s comments! You get upgrades if you’re on a maintenance contract! I had access and now I don't... really.


jim_martens Jan 29, 2016 7:08 AM

It sounds like you were given some mis-information.  For new sales, it is true that the PADS ES Suite has been replaced with a new part, PADS Standard Plus.  However, this, and older part numbers are still supported, and if you are on a maintenance contract, eligible for software upgrades.  You can download PADS VX.1.2 today, and future releases (PADS VX.2 is planned for June).


Jim Martens Posted Oct 30, 2019

Good news!  Now, with PADS Professional, if you are on an active maintenance contract, we’ll add PADS Professional Rigid-Flex and Multi-Trace HSD Tuning – free!


jim_martens @ y.hubert on Sep 18, 2015 6:57 AM

To you last point - your current investment of what you spent is protected - you do not need to purchase a PADS Professional at list price - it is an incremental upgrade fee. Also - PADs Professional comes dual licensed with PADS Standard Plus!


hoping someone can help.