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    Group Names


      Hi all,


      Two quickies, Why is it when a component, say a Wedge, imported from Vesys Classic, imports as a Group Name "Other", we change the Type code to say AB but the Group name doesnt change? Also, Is there anyway of adding, editing the group names?

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          Hi Carl


          Group Names are used in VeSys 2.0 Components to refer to a certain "VeSys 2.0 object type", so different groups will be treated differently on the design/harness tool (Part Selection Dialogue filtering is an example of that). These are hard coded because, like I said, they correspond to types of objects present in VeSys 2.0 and will be mapped only to the proper object type.


          Type Codes however, are different (and separately handled from Group Names). These express the user's setting for that particular object type: what kind of object it is. This is user definable of course.


          As an example, take a connector and a wire, two different objects in VeSys 2.0 Design/Harness, hence separate group names in Library. However, two connectors can be of different types but still both are connectors in nature.


          Hope this helps


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            Is there any way of altering what group name is assigned to a part?

            We have all parts that have imported from classic that are not connectors or wires have come in as "Other".

            We need to change them to their correct group name, any way to do it?

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              Do you mean they should all belong to another group name, like all connectors for example?


              I am not aware of the details of the facility used to do the migration, is there some setting in it (a parameter in a file even) that says what group name the components will be migrated as? If so then that's your window.

              Otherwise, you can always change the group name for individual parts from Component Maintenance dialogue (drop down)




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                Hi All,


                The VeSys2_Export_Configuration.INI does allow some mapping of VeSys Classic Components to VeSys 2.0 objects.  For already imported components it is not possible to change the "type" without deleting / recreating, so it would help to have the config file right first.




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                  It could be something to add in the future as if a part has already been added, be better if the group could be changed.

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                    There are some default Items in VeSys 2.0 i.e AB Anti-Backout that doesnt have a group name?


                    could you explain where in the ini file to change it so VeSys Classic items that are called "Secondary Lock" or "Wedge" would be imported as "Anti Backout" And Items with "Boot" would be imported as "Cover"



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                      The [Component Type Codes] section of C:\Program Files\VeSys Electrical Series\VeSys Components\data\VeSys2_Export_Configuration.INI is the section to define the mapping, however the list is fixed and would need an enhancement request to make this more configurable.


                      I will discuss with engineering,


                      Kind Regards,


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                        Welcome back guys!

                        Back to work, help

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                          We have the same issue, imported classic database and parts defined as other, but cannot edit to correct the group name.  Do not want to delete and re-create all 1864 components as it defeats the object of using the migration utilities.