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    Createing new line styles?




      We are new to XML files and wish to create a couple new line styles like the attached file. How do we do it?

      Also, in Style sets, there doesnt seem to be away to add new insulation shapes for things like "Conduit" or "Braid" etc. Any way we can add more?

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          Hi Carl


          If you go to your installation folder for VeSys 2.0, under the folder config there is a harnesslinestyle,xml file. If you look inside it, there are sections where you define the line styles mentioned in your post.

          You can copy and paste an existing line style and give it a new name, changing its parameters.


          The shape of the line style is determined through the use of a 'glyph' with a specific part of the line (end, elbow...). Glyphs are in turn defined in defaultstyle.xml in the same folder mentioned above.

          You can create new glyphs using the same method as line styles. Alternatively, you can use existing ones on your lines.




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            Hi Carl,


            There isn't currently a method of adding new Insulation Layer types, the list in VeSys 2.0 Harness styling is fixed - but is something that I would like extended in the future.  The line styles / shapes can be modified as Muhammad describes.




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              How would you do a harness that has both conduit that is solid, some that is split and also PVC tube, all on one harness like ours?

              Also, I think there needs to be a guide to createing new line styles as we never use XML only the lin files or maybe a converter?

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                I think this is a good idea, Carl. please post it on the ideas website and I think it'll get lots of votes!